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We need cords for almost everything nowadays, whether it’s your smartphone, handheld device, TV, power tool, beauty tool, speaker, laptop, charger, or something else. Because of the sheer number of devices and tools in our homes, they’re bound to get tangled from time to time. In all honesty, they get jumbled up more often than not. Sure, you could untangle your cords with any old idea. Pinterest is known for their strange recommendations, usually suggesting ways that include toilet paper rolls, shoeboxes, chip clips, binder clips, bobbie pins, and rubber bands. But they don’t exactly look all that cool. In fact, tying up loose cords with a chip clip sounds like one of the most aesthetically unpleasing ideas ever. So, we’ve come up with some ideas that take style into account. These are ready-to-go options. Our top idea is at the bottom, so scroll down for the best of the best.

Option # 4 Set Up a Charging Station

Some of the worst cables to organize are charging cables. These cords give new meaning to the word aggravating – especially when they get lost. How many times have you lost your phone charger or tablet charger? Too many times to count, right? To combat this annoying issue, create your own charging hub. There are some great devices that exist on the market today, simply look up “charging station” and you’ll see a ton of results. Some have more charging ports than others, but all contain some sort of stand to organize your devices.

Option #3 Charge A Device with a MiniDock

This next option gets rid of the need for cords altogether. Instead of organizing your chargers, why not nix the cord clutter completely? There are a few options for you here. First of all, there’s the option of a MiniDock, which is essentially a USB charging port for one device at a time. You could also use a charging mat, which is a mat for charging your devices, similar to a yoga mat, but with power. To power your device you simply lay it on the mat and voila! Any of these methods provide a great way to streamline cords and organize your devices at the same time.

Option #2 Wrangle Your Cords Into a Roll

While organizing your cords with chip clips and zip ties is unsightly, using a specialized device often looks nice. This type of device, usually called a “recoiler,” is good for extension cords and can even power off devices that are overheating. You can also coil smaller devices. There are products that come in different sizes and with stands for propping up on the desk or counter.

And now, Our #1 Option for Making Cords Look Neat & Organized…

Is the Sleek Socket!

When it comes to device cords and wires, the sleek socket delivers in more ways than one. In fact, sleek socket does quadruple duty. It provides an organized place to plug in your cords and devices, while at the same time hiding them. Plus, it acts as an extension cord. If you want to hide wires in a chic way, there’s no better way than with the sleek socket. With this product you can hide unsightly wires, eliminate tripping hazards, add extra outlets, and extend the length of your wire. So…want to know more about the sleek socket?

A Great Alternative: The Sleek Socket?

The sleek socket allows you to hide unsightly and unsafe power outlets via a unique ultra-thin design that blends into the wall. The sleek socket drastically reduces (and can even eliminate) obstructions between furniture and traditional plugs attached to an outlet. Say goodbye to the ugly, chunky wires, plugs and cords that mess with your vibe and say hello to style and functionality with the sleek socket. The elegant design of the sleek socket adds to the ambiance of your home décor – not detracts from it, like with traditional plugs and wires. In fact, there’s no better way to eliminate ugly plugs and cords. So get your sleek socket today!

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all products purchased from Socket Solutions, LLC with proof of purchase.