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What’s the best way to protect your outdoor extension cords from the rain? We’ve got some great suggestions. The truth is, outdoor extension cords are needed. They power our holiday decorations, non-solar lighting, outdoor party spaces, and whatever else we have in our front or back yards. They’re needed for lighting, sound systems, decorations, and more.

But, like anything else outside, when it rains, they get wet. Unstable weather conditions can increase any hazards associated with the use of outdoor electricity. Rain makes things even worse. While rain isn’t a conductor of electricity, it can still damage electrical cords and can even lead to shock and electrocution. In this article we’ll explore the four easiest ways to shield your cords from rain. Let’s get into it.

4 Ways to Shield Extension Cords from Rain

  1. A Power Cord Shield – this method includes using a drill, knife, and a container or shield. The container or shield needs to be big enough to cover parts of the cord that are exposed to the elements. To do it, simply drill holes into opposite sides of the container or shield and then, pass the electrical cords through it. You can connect multiple containers together to accomplish the job. There are shields you can purchase specifically for this reason. This method protects the cord from all sorts of weather issues including rain, storms, humidity, and more.

  2. Hide the Cords Underground – Hiding the cords underground is a method a lot of people use. This requires a professional, for the most part. Of course, you can do it yourself, but it is complicated. It will require you to dig a trench and to feed the cords through the trench. With this method, you don’t want to do something wrong because it will cost you even more time and money.

  3. Don’t Use Anything – The truth is, outdoor extension cords are meant to withstand the elements. While an extra layer of protection is always great, in this regard it isn’t always necessary. You don’t need to protect your wiring from the elements any further because they are made to be used outside in storms, in the snow, in hurricanes, etc. The elements become a problem in more severe scenarios, like in boating docks, where electrical equipment is constantly inundated with salty or brackish water. Or, in the extreme cold and snow, where everything freezes.

  4. Try the Bottle Method – The bottle method is a great DIY for hiding your cords. This method is about protecting connectors from the elements, not protecting the entire cord. That’s why this is a great method for securing Christmas lights and other decorations. Plus, because the plastic is not directly wrapped over the electricity, it isn’t necessarily hazardous. That said, you should always monitor electricity. Make sure your lights and outlets aren’t getting too hot. This is especially important if you are shielding your cords with a DIY method like this one.

Is Cling Wrap a Good Way to Protect Your Extension Cords from the Rain?

This is a good question and we say the answer is “no.” And not just “no,” but a big, loud, “no, don’t do it.” It’s not a good idea to use cling wrap on your extension cords. First of all, you never want to encase your entire electrical cords in plastic. You don’t want to cover them with rugs. Extension cords are best used as simply as possible. While there are methods for electrical cord organization that require plastic wrapping or binding – the electrical items in these scenarios are not being used. There is no electricity pumping through them at that moment. Why is using cling wrap around an electrical cord so bad? It comes down to the fact that, if the cord gets warm, it could turn into a fire hazard. We never want to tell you to create a fire or safety hazard for yourself, your workplace, or your family, so, therefore, we say, “don’t use cling wrap at all.”

What is a Shore Power Pedestal?

A shore power pedestal is used to protect electrical outlets from getting sprayed with (or even submerged in) water. You see these at docks and marinas. They are necessary because docking areas need electrical outlets. There are many things at the dock that require electricity, including lights and the boats themselves. Therefore, mariners needed to come up with a way to protect the electricity from water. Shore power pedestals are what they came up with to do that. The next time you’re at the marina, take a look at the power pedestal. You’ll notice rubber around the outlets. You’ll also notice the entire power box is encased – absolutely no part of electricity is left to the elements.

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We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all products purchased from Socket Solutions, LLC with proof of purchase.