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7 Ways to Do It

Having a baby changes everything, seriously. Suddenly you’ve entered a whole new world where developmental milestones and sleeping patterns rule your mind. Diaper changes and potty training are the topics of conversation you enjoy the most. Your life is a blur of eating, sleeping, changing, and repeating. Really, a baby changes everything.

Keeping your child safe is not only your most important job as a parent, it’s suddenly become your #1 hobby. When it comes to safety, you want to know EVERYTHING. Not only because you want to keep your child safe, but also because there are so many cool gadgets, gizmos, and hacks to learn about and utilize. In this article we’ll talk all about baby proofing your home with these 7 easy methods.

1. Get a Baby Monitor

The most used gadget of any parent/baby household is the baby monitor. It’s a tried and true product that’s been around forever. The best part is, there are a ton of different options on the market today. Baby monitors can be simple, or super high tech. Most systems use either bluetooth, radio waves or wifi. Newer monitor models give you a better experience, allowing you to send images and sounds straight to your phone. The bottom line is, t’s certainly not your mother’s baby monitor anymore. Get your hands on a new one and baby proofing will be a cinch.

2. Put up a Baby Gate

Want to protect your child in a no-fuss way? Put up a baby gate, it’s that simple. Babies are always on the move. Whether their bum shuffling, rolling, or crawling, they want to explore the world around them. To make that experience as safe as possible, limit their ground control with a gate. You can fix a tension gate to a doorway, whether it’s narrow or large. You can also get a screw-in gate. The style and design are up to you based on your needs and wants. Whatever you decide on, the baby gate is a great way to practice baby safety.

3. Install Breakaway Blind Pulls

These are mostly standard on blinds nowadays. But, if you’re in an older home, getting these is necessary for baby proofing. If your child is constantly in a room with blinds this might be a good investment. When blinds aren’t breakaway and you don’t think it’s necessary to change them this is what you should do: knot them up high so they’re out of reach. Keep them up high and tall so they’re nowhere near your kiddos. That’s it.

4. Teach your Pets

Bringing your child up with pets is an extremely beneficial life experience. There’s nothing more rewarding than teaching your child about empathy, care, compassion, and how to be a good human being. That said, there are some things you should be aware of when you have pets in a home with children. First of all, you want to make sure the animal is prepared for the baby to come home. Let them know there’s a baby. Prepare them for the new baby and let them feel out the situation once the child gets there. Until you can trust the animal and baby together, don’t leave the baby alone, unattended with the animal. Also, pet toys can be really dirty. Your pet plays with them, puts them in their mouth, brings them outside, etc. Clean pet toys consistently to wash germs away. Hide pet food and water bowls when they’re not in use. Anything that’s on the floor is appealing to babies. Your baby might try to eat the pet’s food or drink from their bowl. Teach your pets to look out for your baby and clean up after them for the best baby proofing results.

5. Baby Proof Reachable Items

When items are reachable, they can be a danger to your baby as he or she grows. Maybe it’s a safe location today, but tomorrow that same space could be within grabbing height. If your toddler can reach for something, chances are they will. Your toddler wants to grab anything within their grasp and they want to put it in their mouth. Desk lamps, chargers, and phones are some of the worst and most dangerous items. Wires and electrical outlets are the absolute worst and yet, children love to pull on them. Take a walk around your house and identify hazards and reachable items. Do it on a regular basis so that as your child grows you have an up-to-date idea of what’s reachable.

And the BEST Way to Babyproof your home is…

With the Sleek Socket

The best way to babyproof your home is to follow all 7 tips. Keep reachable and pet items out of sight and then they’ll be out of your child’s mind. Make sure that all of the electrical outlets are covered and the cords are hidden. When plugs are uncovered children get curious and this can lead to an emergency. Instead, make sure each power outlet is streamlined with the sleek socket. Not only is this better for children, it’s better for parents too. Sleek socket brings peace of mind and it gives your home a sleek, fashionable makeover. If you want to babyproof in a chic way, there’s no better way than with the sleek socket. So…want to know more about the sleek socket?

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We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all products purchased from Socket Solutions, LLC with proof of purchase.