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For some of us, the holiday season starts a lot earlier than others. But, whether Christmas starts in July for your family, or you start planning in Mid-December, we all want festive holiday lights to show the neighborhood the true meaning of Christmas spirit. Usually these lights require an extension cord – regular lights simply don’t go far enough to be plugged in without one. But, the truth is, it can look messy pretty easily. When you’re using cords outside, it’s important to hang them neatly. When they’re carelessly scattered it takes away from all of your hard work, plus it’s unsafe and it’s unpleasant to look at. That’s why we’ve gathered up our tips for running extension cords.

Our Tips & Tricks for Using Extension Cords for Outside Christmas Lights

To avoid the problem of messy-looking lights and wires, here are some tricks on how to use extension cords for outside Christmas lights. Keep in mind, because you’re working outdoors, it’s always advisable to use outdoor- quality fixtures and cords. You’ll want to use a waterproof outdoor cable and a waterproof concealer box for your outdoor electrical connections.

Setting Up the Lights

If your goal is to run a set of extension cords for outdoor string lights, you’ll likely want to do it without risking an electrical hazard. That’s why we say using a 2-prong outdoor extension cord ISN’T the way to go. Instead, use a heavy duty outdoor cord. Here are our two methods for setting up extension cords for outdoor lights:

Method #1 Run The Cord Along Downspout

Planning to install your Christmas lights and fixtures onto your gutter or the side of your roof? You could, but it’s generally unsafe and NOT aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Instead, look at your downspout. The downspout is typically located in the corner of your outside wall. That makes it the BEST location for running an extension cord.

Here are the Tools & Materials You’ll Need:

  • Keep your cords organized with a Cord Clip. You can purchase a cord clip at most hardware stores in person or online.
  • Use a Ceiling Hook to hold the female side of the extension cord
  • The Extension Cord

Step #1 – Install the Clip and Hook

The truth is, most outdoor extension cords are heavy! You’ll need to start off by hooking them in so that they hold. Install the hook right by your Christmas light plug – this will easily power your bulbs. Now, take your cord clip and stick it to the top of your downspout. Once that one is in, put another at the bottom end of the downspout. This is only an option, but, if you want to add another cord clip to the middle, do it! It will make the cable more steady, so it might be a good idea for you. If you don’t have a cord clip that’s ok. You can use either a cord strap, a hook or cable ties. These are all worthy alternatives to the cord clip.

Step #2 – Get Your Extension Cord in Place

When you’re done installing the cord clip (or hook, cord strap, etc.) start bringing your extension cord into it. When you’re done feeding the cord in, plug it into an outlet to see if it works.

Method #2 Run It Through A Walking Path

You know what’s suitable for powering light bulbs in the bushes and trees? An outdoor extension cord with multiple outlets run through a walking path. Disguise the cord with plants or put tape down to avoid a tripping hazard.

What Gauge Extension Cord Should I Use for Christmas Lights?

When it comes to outdoor Christmas lights, it’s best to use a 16 gauge size for any project within 25 feet. This size cord can power multiple string lights with a total current rating of 10 amps.

When you’re working with more than 25 feet, use a heavy-duty 14 gauge power strip. A wire this size is able to carry the same wattage load as the typical household outlet (15 amps.)

And now, What’s the BEST Way to Run an Extension Cord for your Outdoor Christmas Lights…

With the Sleek Socket

When it comes to lighting wires, the sleek socket delivers in more ways than one. Sleek socket not only acts as an extension cord, but it can hide unsightly cords as well. If you have a lighting project that calls for multiple outlets and multiple extensions, Sleek socket might be just right for you. If you want to hide wires in a chic way, there’s no better way than with the sleek socket. With this product you can hide unsightly wires, eliminate tripping hazards, add extra outlets, and extend the length of your wire. So…want to know more about the sleek socket?

A Great Alternative: The Sleek Socket?

The sleek socket allows you to hide unsightly and unsafe power outlets via a unique ultra-thin design that blends into the wall. The sleek socket drastically reduces (and can even eliminate) obstructions between furniture and traditional plugs attached to an outlet. Say goodbye to the ugly, chunky wires, plugs and cords that mess with your vibe and say hello to style and functionality with the sleek socket. The elegant design of the sleek socket adds to the ambiance of your home décor – not detracts from it, like with traditional plugs and wires. In fact, there’s no better way to eliminate ugly plugs and cords. So get your sleek socket today!

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all products purchased from Socket Solutions, LLC with proof of purchase.

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