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If you accidentally cut an extension cord, don’t throw it away – you can actually save it! In this article we’ll teach you how to repair a cut extension cord and wiring. Here’s the thing though, you’re not supposed to splice together a cut wire. So, the method we’re going to show you includes adding a new plug and receptacle – this is much safer than splicing together both sides of the extension cord.

Here are the Tools & Materials You’ll Need:

  • A screwdriver (or a 4-in-1 model, if you have it)
  • A wire stripper/wire cutter
  • A knife
  • Electrical tape
  • A replacement plug
  • A replacement receptacle

Fix a Damaged Extension Cord Step-by-Step

For this method we’re simply going to insert replacement plugs and receptacles to the broken/cut wiring. You can purchase heavy duty replacement plugs and receptacles at any hardware store, whether in-person or online. It’s less expensive to purchase a replacement receptacle and plug than to replace an entire wire.


Step #1 Repair the Cord

First of all, it needs to be known that you shouldn’t splice extension cords. Splicing not only may be a fire hazard, it may be dangerous in other ways too. Plus, you’re not allowed to do it as per the National Electric Code. Instead, repair the cord without a splice. This means that if you chopped your extension cord down to only a few feet, you may have to throw some of it away. Wrap the exposed wires in electrical tape or encase it in heat shrinkable tubing and then get ready for the next step.

Step #2 Attach Ends

Next up, insert the high-quality plug and receptacle. This will work on the sections of the cord that are still long enough. If you’ve cut the cord too short, you may have to throw away the cord. If you cut the cord in half and both sections of the cord are long, you might be able to get two new cords from the one you’ve cut. For this you’ll need to purchase two plugs and two receptacles. Or, if the original receptacle and plug is salvageable, add a new plug to the side with the receptacle, and add a new receptacle to the side with a plug. You’ll fasten the new plug and receptacle with electrical wire.

Step #3 Make Sure the Cord Works

Now you’ll need to plug your plug into an electrical outlet to see if it works. Choose something to extend and plug it into the receptacle. Then put the plug into your source of electricity. Is it working? If you’ve plugged in a vacuum, is it vacuuming? If you’re using a light, is it lit? During this stage you’ll also need to make sure that the new ends you added to the extension cord are rated to carry the same load as the old ones. Also, do both have built-in strain relief clamps? If they don’t you can purchase them.

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We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all products purchased from Socket Solutions, LLC with proof of purchase.