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If your dog is absolutely obsessed with electrical wires, don’t feel alone. They all are. Whether bulldogs, beagles, pugs, or collies – all dogs are meant to chew! And they’ll chew on anything they can get their paws on, including electrical wires. If your dog is bored and in need of stimulation, wires are one of the first things they’ll go for, after shoes, slippers, and toys. If you want to find out how to stop your dog from chewing electrical wires, read on. These methods don’t include physical punishment or crating, which are often detrimental and counteraffective.

Why Do Dogs Like Chewing Wires?

Why do dogs like to chew on wires? Answering this question is important when trying to change the dog’s behavior. Chewing is important for a dog’s mental and physical health. Dogs put things into their mouths as a way to explore the world around them and quell their curiosity. Same thing with human babies and toddlers. Don’t lose your patience, it’s entirely natural. If your dog is still a puppy, they may be chewing on wires as a means of teething. As your dog’s new teeth come in, the pain will become extreme and they’ll look to external means as a way to soothe. External means could include electrical wires. If your dog is bored and lacking external stimulation, they’ll chew on almost anything. Dogs need toys to concentrate their physical and mental attention on. If they get bored of the toys they have, they’ll look in other places. Chewing can also be a sign of separation anxiety and/or fear. Not just chewing electrical wires, but chewing anything in general. Extreme emotional distress can cause your dog to seek out items to chew. Therefore, helping your dogs' underlying symptoms will help with their chewing of electrical wires.

Why is Chewing Power Cords Unsafe?

Chewing electrical wires is unsafe and an urgent matter to address. It can be dangerous for your dog and your house. If the electrical wire is plugged in, your dog can be electrocuted if they bite through the wire. Dogs that regularly chew on wires are likely to have burns on the inside of their mouth. They may also experience convulsions, elevated heart rate, muscle tremors, seizures, and shortness of breath. In the scariest instances, chewing on wires has led to dogs dying.

Chewing on wires can be unsafe for your home also because it can lead to electrical fires and other hazards. Sparking wires, fires, explosions, flames, and short-circuiting, are all possible side effects of an exposed cable.

How Do I Stop My Dog from Chewing on Electrical Wires?

Is your dog chewing on electrical wires? Here’s what you should do to stop this destructive and dangerous behavior.

  1. Make Sure Your Dog Doesn’t Have Access to Cables – Without physical punishment, you can separate dogs from wires in an effective way by using positive reinforcement. For example, if the dog hasn’t chewed wires in an hour, give them a treat and let them know why they’re getting the treat. Also, close the door to the room that has wires in it so they can’t get in there. Out of sight and out of mind. Never use crating as a punishment.
  2. Address Symptoms of Teething – Teething is the biggest reason why dogs chew on wires. When teeth hurt, the best way to soothe them is to chew on something. Get your dog a special chewy toy or treat so they don’t go for electrical wires. Try frozen fruits or vegetables, ice cubes, and traditional chew or squeak toys.
  3. Train Your Dog to Resist Wires – Using non-physical punishment, train your dog to avoid electrical wires. Basic obedience training will help with this. The command “leave it” is incredibly powerful.
  4. Provide Alternative Objects For Your Canine to Chew – If you give your dog something else to chew, chances are they’ll take it. Who wants to chew on wires? For most dogs, wires are a last resort, not a beloved toy. Get them chew toys, squeak toys, dental chews, and tug toys to stop reliance on wires.
  5. Secure Your Wires – First of all, secure your wires. Make it so that your dog can’t reach them. Put the wires in elevated spots, behind furniture or large obstructions, run along door frames, use cord protectors, and etc.

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The best way to stop your dog from chewing on wires at your home is to make sure all of the electrical outlets are covered and the cords are hidden. When plugs are uncovered dogs are tempted to chew. They get curious about the cords, and, if they’re bored, they’ll start chewing. This can lead to a bigtime emergency, including fire, sparking, short circuiting, and even electrocution. Instead, make sure each power outlet is streamlined and tucked away with the sleek socket. Not only is this better for dogs and your home in general, it’s better for you too. Sleek socket brings peace of mind and it gives your home a sleek, fashionable makeover. If you want to clear cords in a chic way, there’s no better way than with the sleek socket. So…want to know more about the sleek socket?

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We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all products purchased from Socket Solutions, LLC with proof of purchase.