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Power strips are what people normally use to plug two, three, or more items into an outlet. They are definitely functional as they allow you to put multiple cords into a socket at once – but they sure aren’t pretty. Power strips look cluttered and messy. If your goal is to clean up the giant ball of cables and cords in your living room, kitchen, or office, we’ve got you. Below we’ve come up with five excellent ways to hide power strips or have them disappear altogether. Hiding the power strip under or in the back of other items (aka putting it out of site and out of mind) is an ok option. It’s easy, cheap, and it only requires a little bit of cleverness. But, there are better solutions. If you get a little creative with your furniture and outlets, there are some great ways to hide power cords. Also, there are great products on the market that hide the cords for you. Here are five ways to hide your power strips:

5. Hide it Behind Furniture

Perhaps the easiest way to hide a pesky power strip is to put it behind your furniture. Put it behind a desk, sofa, or a TV stand – and forget about it. It’s important to give the power strip some room to breathe because power strips get hot, hot, hot. You don’t want to rest the strip directly on flammable furniture. Also, if you’re planning to use this method don’t plug in items like hair dryers, space heaters, or toasters. That’s because these high-voltage devices run hot. They produce heat while in the power strip and could cause a fire in your home if they’re too close to furniture. Hiding the strip beneath and between furniture is cheap and easy, but we have even better ways to do it!

4. Hide it Inside a Desk

This method will work if the strip is close to a desk drawer or end table. In this case you can hide the power strip inside. This method works best if there’s a gap at the back of the drawer or table. Set the strip up in the back of the drawer and run the cable along the back. You can also drill a few holes into the back of the drawer to feed the cords through if there is no gap. The back of the furniture needs to face the wall in this case. In other words, the back can’t be in the middle or the side of the room because then everyone will see the cords anyway – and then what’s the point?


3. Use a Cordless Power Strip

Instead of using a bulky power strip with a long cord, use one without a cord. There are a few different options. First, a cable management box, which comes in either plastic or wood and looks almost like a shoebox. The other option is a simple cordless strip. This one plugs directly into the outlet. It is the size and shape of a large jewelry box and has a number of outlets. With this second option you still see cords but they are more organized. Instead of a bunch of cords in different outlets or a strip of black cords, with this option all of the cords are bundled into a central box that goes directly over the outlet. Using a cordless power strip is a neat and effective way to organize.

2. Screw Your Power into the Wall

For this option you’ll need to look on the back of your existing power strip and see if there are any screw slots on the back. You may have never noticed that these screw slots existed – or they may not exist at all. If you have screw slots this is how you’ll hang the power strip on the wall. Find some small screws that will fit into the slots. Match the openings of your power strip with the screws and a space on the wall. The power strip will hang on the wall in a more elegant and streamlined way. This is a neat way to organize.

And the BEST Idea is…

1. Hide Your Power Strip with the Sleek Socket

Here’s one more method to add to your list – the sleek socket. This is our #1 method for hiding a power strip because it hides the strip completely and you don’t have to drill holes in your table to get a neat and clean look. You can use the sleek socket around furniture too. Simply put the sleek socket in and leave a bit of room between your furniture and the cord. This way plugs aren’t sticking out into your furniture. Also, it gives the plug a super streamlined look. If you want to hide your power strip in a chic way, there’s no better way than with the sleek socket. So…want to know more about the sleek socket?

A Great Alternative: The Sleek Socket?

The Sleek Socket allows you to hide unsightly and unsafe power outlets via a unique ultra-thin design that blends into the wall. The sleek socket drastically reduces (and can even eliminate) obstructions between furniture and traditional plugs attached to an outlet. Say goodbye to the ugly, chunky wires, plugs and cords that mess with your vibe and say hello to style and functionality with the sleek socket. The elegant design of the sleek socket adds to the ambiance of your home décor – not detracts from it, like with traditional plugs and wires. In fact, there’s no better way to eliminate ugly plugs and cords. So get your sleek socket today!

There are many ways to hide a power strip. Some involve creative rearranging. You can move furniture around and hide power cords that way – just be sure to not get too close to the furniture or you’ll have a fire hazard. You can also drill holes into desks and tables and run a cable through the back. Just make sure you’re drilling the holes correctly the first time. These methods are great, but the sleek socket is better! Why not use a product that hides cords and power strips in a sleek and sophisticated way? Plus it’s easy and requires NO Tools!

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all products purchased from Socket Solutions, LLC with proof of purchase.