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Extension cords are never fun to look at. No wire is. Wires are ugly, big and bulky. They pull attention away from all that we do to beautify our homes: nice furniture, expensive lighting fixtures, tchotchkes, etc. That’s why most people do what they can do to hide them. If you need or want to hide your extension cords on the floor, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’ll explore some of the EASIEST and most efficient ways to hide cords and cables on the floor.

  1. Make a Panel. You can do this with fabric or foam by fitting the fabric (or foam) to your cord and applying it to the floor. This is a great way to hide your cords if you’re tired of seeing them, because with this method you never will. In a way, this method just covers them up – but it’s still way better than seeing wires on the ground. Simply run the foam for the entire length of the cord and secure it to the floor. This method does a double whammy by also preventing a tripping hazard. Running foam along the ground helps remind people to look before they step.
  2. Run the Cord Along Your Wall. Run the extension cord along your wall using wall-colored tape. With this, you’ll never have to look at your unsightly cord because it will be out of sight and out of mind. To prevent tripping, make sure to tape the entirety of the cord to the wall.
  3. Run Your Cords Underneath Carpeting and/or Rugs. It is possible to run your cords underneath carpeting or rugs, but just keep in mind, it can be a potential fire hazard. People like to hide cords this way because it’s cheap and easy, but the truth is, don’t cut corners. Cutting corners could prove to be hazardous. One way to be especially safe is to make sure you check that your cords aren’t getting too hot.

What to do if your Extension Cord is Extra Long?

If the extension cord you’re looking to hide on the floor is extra long, there are a few extra things you can do. Here they are:

  1. Bundle the Cord Together with a Zip Tie. Get a package of zip ties and use them to organize your cord. Bundle the cord up into a circular shape for the best result. Once you bundle the cord together, there are a few different ways to hide it on the floor, including by taping it to the wall.
  2. Wrap Your Cords. Wrap your cords into a circular shape, knotting them loosely. This method is easy and cheap. Take the wrapped cord and tape it to the wall, just as suggested above. This method is the same as bundling the cord together with a zip tie, except wrapping your cords does not require a tie of any kind, just knot the wires.
  3. Set Up a Super-Charging Station. If you have lots of cords to run and they’re all from devices, why not instead set up a powering station? A powering station is good for two reasons. First, it’s very organized. Second, it’s less of a hassle than making a foam panel! Plus, a charging station is highly functional. You’ll be able to find your device cords whenever you need them.

While the Above Methods for Hiding Extension Cords on the Floor are Good, the BEST Way to Do it is…

With the Sleek Socket

While hiding wires on the floor and underneath carpeting is good, the best way to hide wires is to get the sleek socket. Why? It’s simple – sleek socket doesn’t simply hide wiring – it streamlines it. By hiding wires underneath carpeting you’re simply dusting your problems under the rug (pun intended.) Also, when you hide a wire of any type on the floor, there is a potential tripping hazard. Plus, if your wires are too big and too bulky there’s a chance hiding them will create a fire hazard. Sleek socket brings peace of mind and it gives your home a sleek, fashionable makeover. If you want to hide wires in a chic way, there’s no better way than with the sleek socket. So…want to know more about the sleek socket?

A Great Alternative: The Sleek Socket?

The sleek socket allows you to hide unsightly and unsafe power outlets via a unique ultra-thin design that blends into the wall. The sleek socket drastically reduces (and can even eliminate) obstructions between furniture and traditional plugs attached to an outlet. Say goodbye to the ugly, chunky wires, plugs and cords that mess with your vibe and say hello to style and functionality with the sleek socket. The elegant design of the sleek socket adds to the ambiance of your home décor – not detracts from it, like with traditional plugs and wires. In fact, there’s no better way to eliminate ugly plugs and cords. So get your sleek socket today!

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all products purchased from Socket Solutions, LLC with proof of purchase.

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