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Bringing sanity to your gadgetry is a matter of 1-2-3 with these special solutions for storing, charging, and decluttering cables and electronics. But, what is a charging station exactly? Charging stations are an excellent way to declutter in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or anywhere really. All of your electronics get organized into one space with a charging port. The station can be as visible or hidden as you’d like. Here are some ideas for organizing your charging station.

1. Set Up a Charging Drawer

Putting a charging station in a special hideaway spot like inside a drawer is a great idea. This idea works because most of the devices that need charging are typically able to lay flat. For example, phones, laptops, and tablets. This means that when you put these devices inside a drawer to charge they can lay flat. You’ll cut down on phone accidents (like falls) that cause cracked screens because your electronic device is charging in a safe space. This is probably the most popular way to organize and charge electronics.

2. Build a Tip-Out Drawer

Tip-out drawers are all about utilizing the space you have – even if that space is oddly shaped. You’ll either be able to build a tip-out drawer or a full-depth drawer, depending on the size and configuration of your cabinets. The best spot for a tip-out setup may be in front of your kitchen sink or built-in range. This way, small, oddly shaped spaces don’t need to go to waste. You can use small spaces for holding a few power ports or holding smaller electronics. That way you can charge items as they sit on the counter. This is great for electronics like phones.

3. Use Open Shelves

Open shelves are great spaces for charging stations because they are instantly accessible. On the downside, this type of charging station is visible. Whereas charging drawers and tip-out drawers are tucked away, these are more out in the open. Though, they’re not totally out in the open – they are partially hidden from view. So, this option can bring a decluttered look, especially if you incorporate the use of baskets and other containers.

4. Hide Cables with an Upright Niche

When you’re looking to hide cables, not the devices you’re trying to charge, an upright niche might be the best option for you. An upright niche is a ledge with an angled back and a lip for displaying items. Some designers showcase ledges like this with a cork board or chalkboard backing.

5. Try a Shallow Cabinet

Like the name implies, this type of cabinet is shallow in order to prevent space from going to waste. It is similar to a tip-out drawer because it uses thin, small spaces that are leftover. Based on your design, the cabinet can be closed shut or it can slide closed. Either way, the items inside are out of view. Get as creative as you want with this one!

6. Recessed Cabinet

Typically, this type of storage niche is used in bathroom medicine cabinets, but designers are incorporating these into more spaces in recent years given the popularity of the tiny home movement. Use a recessed cabinet in your kitchen, bedroom, or office to hold electronic items like your wireless internet router. Why not put a charging station in this type of cabinet to maximize the space?

7. Incorporate a Mixed Use Cabinet

Instead of creating a straight-up charging station, make your space mixed use. Use baskets to organize the items in the closet. Fill in space with books and artwork. This type of cabinet space is great in laundry rooms, mudrooms, and entryways. Get as organized as you want with this one! Use baskets of different sizes to create a super organized look.

In Conclusion

Today, decluttering is a way of art. Get creative and use one of these ideas to organize the electronics and cables in your home.

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We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all products purchased from Socket Solutions, LLC with proof of purchase.