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Tips for Success

When it comes to babies, electrical outlets are never ok. Contact with electricity can be very dangerous for children – even lethal. That’s why parents and guardians go to great lengths to baby proof their home. After all, it’s absolutely critical that babyproofing is done efficiently and effectively. You want to make sure that each outlet is accounted for and secured – and there are quite a few spots to check on.

We use a lot of outlets at home and in offices – most modern appliances run on electricity, right? So, it’s no big surprise that babyproofing can be overwhelming – especially for new and first-time parents. You don’t want to miss anything because that could lead to danger in your home. What are the best ways to baby proof electrical outlets and cords? Let’s find out! This guide is meant to help stressed parents feel more confident. Here we give some practical advice and even give some pointers on how to teach kids about electronic safety.

Babyproof Your Electrical Outlets

Before we get into how to do it, let’s talk a little about why it’s done. Electrical outlets pose very real dangers. Over a ten year period, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that nearly 25,000 children were taken and admitted to the emergency room because of accidents caused by electrical receptacles. Almost 90% of the children were under the age of six. By those estimates nearly seven children in the US are brought to the hospital each day for electrical related emergencies. These are scary statistics but understanding is crucial to making your home a safe spot for little hands.

Types of Electrical Outlets

Most people assume there’s one type of electrical outlet, maybe two. The reality is, there are 15 types of outlets in the world. The US body to designate these types was the Department of Commerce International Trade Administration. The US uses two different types of outlets: “A type” and “B type.” An “A” outlet has two prongs and a “B” outlet has three. “Type B” are the most popular outlets in the US today. Of “B” outlets, there are two types: Ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) Outlets and Arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) Outlets.

With this knowledge it’s easier to understand what needs to be done to make your home safer. Using an outlet cover or guard is the best way to protect your children because it shuts the outlet off completely. Outlets can be covered in three different ways:

  1. Plastic Outlet Covers
  2. Outlet Boxes
  3. Self-Closing Outlet Covers

How do you Baby Proof Electrical Cords and Outlets? Follow these five steps.

1. Take an Inventory of Exposed Outlets

Take a look at exposed outlets. Walk around where your children play, eat, sleep, watch tv and figure out the outlets that are on that path. Make a list of these locations – these are the outlets you need to cover.

2. Hide Cords

Next up, take your list of exposed outlets and figure out what to do with them. Each outlet in the home should be covered, but the ones nearest to your children should be treated with priority. Some outlets require covering only and others can be hidden by strategically using furniture.

3. Purchase Cord Shorteners and/or Covers

Covers are the safest ways to protect your family from unwanted electrical injury. Furniture isn’t foolproof. It can be moved and accidents can happen – a cover is the best way to ensure that small hands never get into the outlets.

4. Tape Cords Down

For an added level of security and safety, strap your cords down and fasten them to the wall and floor. That way small hands won’t be tempted to play. Use tape to adhere the cords to the floor, walls, or to cover them with carpets. Duct cord covers are another great way to achieve this. You can also use a cord protector.

5. Reevaluate

Every month take an inventory of your electrical outlets and make sure that nothing has gone wrong. Make sure outlets are still covered. Make sure furniture has not moved.

Teach Electricity Safety

Sometimes the best line of defense is education. To prevent emergencies, let your children know the dangers of electricity. This should be done as children get older and can understand the lesson – but starting from a very young age is best. That way kids understand the power of electricity. Here are some things you can do to teach your kids about electrical safety.

For Parents

  • Don’t plug and unplug when your kids are watching.
  • Don’t keep items plugged in, especially hair dryers, irons, straighteners, etc.
  • Don’t put colorful or fun items into or near electrical outlets.
  • Teach your children the RULES about electricity: No sticking fingers in the outlets; ONLY mom or dad turns on lamps and other electronics.
  • Give your children a chance to use electrical appliances with supervision.

For Children

  • Listen to the rules set by mom and dad.
  • If you need to use an electrical appliance, get mom or dad to help.
  • Don’t put electronics ANYWHERE near water.
  • Learn the warning signs of an electrical emergency: sparking plugs, frayed cords, and more.

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We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all products purchased from Socket Solutions, LLC with proof of purchase.